New clipping tool available

This week we released an updated version of the Clipmarks clipping tool for Firefox and Flock. With this version, as you create a clip, you’re notified when you exceed the 2,000 character pop-limit.

Also, the status bar of your browser now displays a running total of the number of characters you’ve selected and how much under/over the pop-limit you are. Get the latest version of the clipping tool here.

We’ll have an updated version available for Internet Explorer soon.

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One response to “New clipping tool available

  1. Hi!

    I have only one complaint (apart from: “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.” but hey!) and that’s the buttons .. they’re not pretty.

    I’m using Flock (a Mozilla derivative) and all of the icons are pretty cool-looking.

    Plus they seem to jiggle about when clicked, which is a little weird.

    Apart from that, read my reason using Clipmarks on my Profile page (go to:

    Keep up the good work…

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