A faster site and some 1st’s

First, and most important, we have made a number of adjustments on our back end that should speed up the performance of the site. Due to the recent increase in traffic, things started to slow down a bit. We’re sorry for that and hope everything gets much better from here.

Second, we’ve added a new tab called “1st Pops” to the Live Clips section. We’re hoping that it provides a new place to get high quality fresh clips you haven’t seen yet. When you’re in 1st Pops, the third line of each clip in the list will display the name of the user who gave it its first pop.

Clipmarks - 1st Pops

Third, as many of you have suggested, we added a “clipper:” prefix for search, that you can use to easily call up a clipper’s page. So to get to Kore7’s page, search clipper:Kore7 in the search box.

There are a whole bunch of other things, but these are the most worthy of mention right now. Thank you to everyone for being cool about the slower performance of the site lately!! More soon…


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