Site speed and hot clippers

We continue to make adjustments to our back-end to improve the overall speed of the site. We have uploaded some key changes tonight that should greatly improve things. One side effect for the time being is that we have removed the Hot Clippers page. That query was causing a lot of problems when the page loaded and also caused some overall lag on the servers. We’ll try to work something out in the next few days to make up for it but, as is, the Hot Clippers page just wasn’t cutting it. Sorry to everyone who enjoyed it!! One good thing is that the site (and Dashboard especially) should now load much faster because of this change. Many more updates coming this week…


2 responses to “Site speed and hot clippers

  1. Great to know, the added speed will be handy because I did notice some slowdown and errors before.

    I’m also curious, what does it mean when there’s a star next to a clip? Is that the same being in Top Clips? I was confused a little, because looking under Top Clips, none of them have stars. (But maybe that’s just to avoid redundancy. 😉 )

    Also, I’m curious: what helps propel a clip to stardom? Is it a combo of pops, comments, and views within a given amount of time, or other factors?

    Thanx for indulging my curiosity, I’m enjoying being here so much! Keep up the fab work and updates. 😀

  2. Hi Torley,
    Unfortunately the slowdown and errors have been impossible to miss at times. I’m very confident/hopeful that we’ll have the site humming along better than ever real soon.
    When there is a star next to a clip it means that the clip is one of the most popular clips on the site in the last 24 hours. This is based on the number of pops a clip has received. Comments help stir the pot and are a very meaningful part of the experience on the site, but pops are the metric used to gauge POPularity.

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