Import your contacts into Clipmarks

You can now easily import your contacts from your email service into Clipmarks. This makes it a breeze to email clips to people in your address book.

To import your contacts, click the Email button under any clip. Click on My Contacts. At the bottom of the My Contacts window, click on the Import Contacts link.

A new window will open that enables you to import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Plaxo and others.

After you import your contacts, they will be available whenever you want to email a clip.


2 responses to “Import your contacts into Clipmarks

  1. Hi … the contact list is a great feature but sad to say I messed mine up and now can’t figure out how to delete unwanted contacts. Tried the little ‘x’ to delete button but nothing happens. Am I missing something?


  2. Hi Jane,

    You’ve got it right — the X is the way to delete contacts. Strange that it might not be working for you… could you send me an email [ adam @ clipmarks . com ] and let me know what browser and operating system you’re using.

    FYI, we’re going to spruce up the contacts interface in the near future so it will be easier to manage.


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