Defaulting Latest Pops to “recent clips”

As most of you have noticed, there have been many more new users on the site lately who are posting clips for the first time. While this is obviously an exciting sign that clipmarks is growing, it has certainly brought along some growing pains. Thing is, many of the new users are coming here after installing clipmarks from Firefox’s list of recommended Add-ons. So they don’t really know much about the site before they start using the clipping tool and posting clips. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a greater percentage of lousy clips, and caused a lot of high quality clips to slip through the cracks.

We’ve spent a lot time thinking and talking about this issue. Our first response was to add a new tab called “1st pops” that would provide people a place to see fresh clips that had been popped by at least one person. Kind of a bridge between New Clips and Latest Pops. Personally, this has become the section of the site that i most enjoy.

Today, we are introducing another change. This one is aimed at reducing the “yeah, i’ve seen this clip 1,000 times” feeling that many of us have had after seeing clips pop to the top for too long. If I see “How to make Firefox faster” anymore i think i’m going to uninstall firefox :). For now, Latest Pops will (by default) only display clips that were posted in the last 4 days. Hopefully this will keep the content fresher and put a greater emphasis on digging out (did i just say “digging”?) the high quality new clips so they get more of the spotlight.

You can be sure that we are not done making adjustments. You know we’re always listening to your suggestions so please keep them coming. There is one thing I would like to ask of our hard core, power users. Please try to dig thru (there i go again) the New Clips section to help rescue some of the clips that deserve to be seen but that are getting buried by the deluge of incoming clips. It makes an enormous impact on the site!

More soon…eric.


3 responses to “Defaulting Latest Pops to “recent clips”

  1. This is getting difficult- I had to go searching for my clips to see if they registered. This is not good. How do I set the Live clips to default to ALL clips again?

  2. No finer proof of being community-driven than this, I think! Together we can help. I’ll through there and pop some fresh faves.

    Related, I have a suggestion to pass on from Ravenelle: she thinks sending an email to the featured clipper of the day is a good idea. She’s happy to be featured but she might have missed it, were it not for me letting her know. 🙂

    Thanx for considering this!

  3. Well, I am one of those Firefox users who is trying Clipmark out. Personally, I am comparing this service out to Notefish which does something similar.

    May I suggest that you start new users off in a private mode? Remember most of the time new users are just testing things out, so they clip anything that is handy just to see how it works.

    Lastly, by offering more privacy functionality, it would allow a greater variety in the type of user who frequents your site. A lot of people simply want a place where they can keep their own clippings and not really participate in the whole social aspect of the site.

    – Roger

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