Top Clips Calendar, Next 100 link and Clipper Index

We made a few additions to the site this week…

1. Calendar: Check out the calendar on the Top Clips page to see the clips that were most popular for any day. It’s a pretty interesting way to look back on the year.

2. Next 100: There is now a “Next 100” link at the bottom of all sets of results so you can cycle back through all clips for any query.

3. Clipper Index: Visit to see a list of the top clippers on the site and a host of stats about their Clipmarks activity.

Clipmarks Clipper Index


4 responses to “Top Clips Calendar, Next 100 link and Clipper Index

  1. More exciting changes! I’m so glad to see the growth continue — the calendar looks to be handy for doing retrospectives as Clipmarks continues to build its history.

    BTW, any idea why I can’t seem to get my WordPress RSS Widget to work with a Clipmarks feed? I’m trying this one:

    but it displays as blank for some reason… odd, because I clearly see them working here! Thanx in advance as always. 🙂

  2. I should clarify: the actual RSS feed works correctly for me when I enter it in Firefox 2, but using that URL in a Widget has it show up as blank. 😦 If it doesn’t magically show up, you can see it on the left sidebar of

  3. Love the updates to your blog Torley — looks great!

    Not sure what’s going on with the feed, I’m having EricW look into it. Should be a quick fix.

    Can’t wait to see those clips there 🙂

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