Clipmarks End of Year Update

Before 2006 ended, we desperately wanted to get a major upload done that elevated the Clipmarks experience to a much higher level. I’m excited and proud to say that I think we accomplished this. Rather than outlining what’s new, I just want to thank everyone who has shared this experience with us over the past year. I couldn’t dream of a more collaborative, meaningful interaction amongst people in search of a better online experience. You have been patient with us whenever we went in the wrong direction…persistent in your support and encouragement of what we’re trying to create…and you have constantly made us feel like we are making a positive, meaningful impact on the web. There is no greater reward than that!

I hope you all love some of the new aspects of our web site as much as we do! Much more on the way soon. Happy holidays and a wonderful, peaceful new year to everyone!!



One response to “Clipmarks End of Year Update

  1. *clapclapclap* Eric, that’s superfantastic to hear… your positivity and participation in the Clipmarks community has shown, time and time again, how much you believe in this and want others to enjoy it — live the dream! Happy Holidays to you, the whole Clipmarks crew, and your families!

    *smiles at the nice new touches on Clipmarks!*

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