5 Keys to getting a clip popped

In light of some of the recent conversations on the site about the poppable character limit, I’ve been thinking about some of the factors that influence whether a clip gets popped.  It seems to me that there are 5 basic factors that play a role in a clip’s “pop-worthiness”:

1. Give it a clever, compelling title.  This is the first step in peaking someone’s interest.

2.  Upload a profile picture.  Doing so shows a certain level of committment to the site and also humanizes the clip.  Both of these factors tend to increase people’s interest in viewing a clip.

3. Clip enough to make an interesting point, but not too much that you lose people’s interest.  Remember, it’s a clip, not a summary.

4. Earn a reputation for high quality clips.  Once this happens, your clips will likely be viewed by a lot of people simply because you are the one who posted them.   Plus, you’ll likely be added to lots of “My Clippers” list which will definitely increase exposure to your clips.

5. Tag effectively.  This will help make sure that people who are searching for clips about a particular topic find your clips.  If you think your clip falls into one or more of the right-side topics, then tagging it as such will help it be seen.


One response to “5 Keys to getting a clip popped

  1. Good tips on clips (actually, true for ANYTHING posted on the web). I’ve subscribed to your blog. Check out ours.
    –Phil Taylor

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