A little downtime tonight

Hi everyone,

We’re working on making the site faster and have to do some work that requires taking the site offline for an hour or so tonight at midnight EST.

Sorry for the downtime, if it wasn’t 100% necessary we wouldn’t be doing it. We trust that the speed enhancements that follow will make it well worth it.

workin on it


4 responses to “A little downtime tonight

  1. Hi Guys,
    Good luck for your enhancements.
    As an active user of clipmarks, I would like to suggest few features that you guys can consider for future releases.
    Your integration with del.icio.us is very nice and serves as bookmark server. Also, clipmarks has the maximum number of integration options with other services like stumble upon,Diigo,facebook,digg and lots more. But automatic option is only availably with del.icio.us. I want to set up other services also in the same way. Any thoughts??

  2. Hi Panjak.

    Auto posting to services other than delicious is definitely an interesting idea. We’ve looked into the feasibility of a handful of them in the past, but it never made sense to develop it at the time.

    Perhaps it’s time to at least take another look at it.

    Thanks for the feedback — see you in the clipiverse.


  3. The “spot the clipper” I saw yesterday totally RAWKED! ‘Twas such a fun way to communicate a downtime message. Best of hope onward to Clipmarks 2.0!

  4. Clipmarks 2.0 is really, really an awesome tool. Yall need a wizard to allow a higher degree of wysiwyg control on what the blog delivered content is as well as expand the limit of words, but otherwise its GREAT.

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