Introducing Clipmarks 2.0

Clipmarks 2.0 is officially live. The past 18 months has been an incredible experience. Thanks to all of you who helped us get to this point by making Clipmarks a part of your lives.

There are two big things to tell you about. The first is you can now clip videos from YouTube and other video sites. The second is you can now instantly post clips to your blog. We’re calling it Clip-to-Blog and it makes blogging what you find on the web so easy that EricG is even thinking of bringing his blog out of retirement. You can also blog any clip you find on the Clipmarks site.

As well as being able to clip videos and Clip-to-Blog, we’ve enhanced the Clipmarks browser add-on even further. First, you can now highlight and clip multiple sentences, making it easier to capture the exact pieces of the page you want. You can also blog and email what you clip without saving it first.

We worked hard to make the whole clipping experience more intuitive as a whole. To start, we turned what was a four button extension into one button that fits nicely in your browser. You also get a nice thin top bar when you go into clip mode that lets you choose whether you want to save, blog, email or print what you clip, lets you turn the orange lines on and off, and counts how many characters you have clipped so you can see whether or not you’re within the publishing limit.

Which brings us to another new thing. With this new release, to save a clip publicly on the Clipmarks site or post it to a blog, it must be under 1,000 characters. We spent a long time discussing the best way to set this limit and came to this decision in keeping with the core idea of Clipmarks being about capturing just the best parts of pages. We know some of you have been uncomfortable with this idea and we hope you will understand that we are doing this because we truly believe it is best for the future of Clipmarks. There is no limit if you want to save clips privately.

The site has also been redesigned. We hope you like the new look and navigation options. When you’re logged in, one thing you’ll notice is your very own Clipmarks keypad on the top right of the page. It gives you quick access to your clipmarks, the clipmarks you pop and comment on, as well as your favorite clippers and topics.

So there you have it. We’re really excited about this one and hope you are too. To get clipping with the new features, install the new Firefox add-on (the Internet Explorer version is coming very soon). To learn more, watch the demo or see the How-to-Clip page.

Hope you enjoy the Clipmarks 2.0 experience.


14 responses to “Introducing Clipmarks 2.0

  1. Pankaj @ techmine

    Amazing guys! You have done all right. I have been waiting for this update for a long time. (Specially when I got some insider news :). Anyways, my favorite new feature – Blogging. With so much fun in clipping, being able to clip those small clips on my favourite blogging site, can’t ask for more. I haven’t explored the rest of the features yet but overall experience is good. More feedback will follow. Thanks again.

  2. Pankaj @ techmine

    Did I read, clip videos?? Awesome.

  3. Hi.

    Good job. Congratulations.

    But I’ve been looking for a way to add content to an existing clip. Couldn’t find it in Version 2. Still not there ?

  4. Well done on Clipmarks 2.0, it’s a real improvement.

    I am using the post to blog feature. We run a company WordPress blog and have multiple ‘contributors’ who post articles but don’t have publish rights, this way posts are approved by Editors before being released. See

    I notice Clipmarks users must have Publish rights for it to work. I’d like to be able to get our staff blogging using Clipmarks but I tried posting to our blog as a Contributor and then logging is an an Editor to see if it was stored for moderation, but it wasn’t saved in the WordPress database. Technically, users with Contributor rights should be able to post to the WordPress database but with a post_status of ‘draft’.

    Any chance of this being supported? It would mean we could roll Clipmarks out to all our staff bloggers if so.

    Well done on a great tool!


  5. Hi Guys. I’m trying to install the add-on for Firefox, but I’m receiving an error message “Not a valid install package -207”. Any suggestions?

  6. Geoff needs HELP!!

    Hi installed CM 2.0 into into FF no problem, until I restarted FF that is. The Green button is now gone and I don’t see how to get it back or use the extension without it.

    This morning I checked for CM update and saw that 2.0.1 was avail so I installed it. Didn’t fix the problem.

    Can’t use your service now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Geoff needs HELP!!

    problem fixed. saw the answer in the Help section.

  8. I think Clipmarks 2.0 is buggy. I tried to clip the following site tonight and the word count detector was completely wrong. i was over limit within about 100 words.,1895,2089281,00.asp

    Please advise if thats going to be corrected.

    Otherwise, a great tool!

  9. Hiya! I noticed what looks like a bug too; some of my clips aren’t showing up. All I see is a blank white box in the blue frame in the upper-left, and it appears to be “Loading…” but nothing else is happening. For example,


    This is only affecting some of my clips.

    Thanx in advance if you can check this out! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. AHHHH works for me now โ€” may’ve been transient โ€” thanx for checking it out and replying to me so quickly, Adam! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Oh, another thing I noticed, it’s difficult to clip videos on some pages, like:


    Clicking on the “Clip Video” button does nothing for me in Firefox 2, looks like another element may be interfering with it?

  12. Please add support for Expression Engine CMS or a pure metaweblog api.

    Even with the help of the EE folks we cannot get the blog feature to work.

  13. I’d like to second the request for the capability to publish clipmarks in draft mode on WordPress.

  14. 2.0 is great, though I’m decidedly unhappy that old clips that don’t meet the 1000 character limit are now marked private. The old mechanism of setting clips so they couldn’t be popped was enough to encourage people to get to the point.

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