Eric’s thoughts on the “Clipmarks way”

I wanted to speak to our users about the type of communication that’s been taking place on the clipmarks web site. I hope that we can continue to be an example of how people from around the world, with different points of view on all sorts of topics, can communicate with each other in a collaborative, respectful way.

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2 responses to “Eric’s thoughts on the “Clipmarks way”

  1. Hi

    Great site. Keep doing.

  2. Hey Eric,

    Clipmarks sure has come a long way in (what seems like) such a short time. I think that Clipmarks is an absolutely fantastic website, and I recommend it to anyone. There are 2 feature changes that I would like to see happen on Clipmarks though. One is to be allowed more then 1000 characters clipped for public sharing. And the other is to have a messaging system that will allow the members to send private messages to each other.

    Thank you

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