Improving Clip-to-Blog…

Have your ever experienced simultaneous multiple blogasms? Doubtful, but now you can! Today we introduced a pretty major upgrade to our Clip-to-Blog feature that lets you simultaneously post clips to as many blogs as you have. Also, you can save each of your blogs as part of your Clipmarks profile and then easily toggle to the one you want a specific post to go to. Bottom line, if you manage more than one blog, Clip-to-Blog just made it much easier for you to easily and quickly keep them fresh with new, interesting content.


8 responses to “Improving Clip-to-Blog…

  1. That is outstanding! I think I have mentioned before that the Clip-to-Blog feature makes Clipmarks incredibly useful to me.

    You guys are quietly revolutionizing the internet. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for this great feature!

  3. Cheers me dears, though the option to send to your blog as a draft would be another great improvement, or maybe the option to import categories, it would save having to edit every time I post to my WordPress blogs.

    Not whining, honest! šŸ˜‰

    Keep up the great work!

  4. We agree…that definitely will be worked on pretty soon.

  5. Ahh, finally!

    I can’t wait to try this out.

    Is there a way to carry my Clipmarks tags over to my Vox post?

    Thanks for this multi-blog option, been wanting it for a while now.

  6. I’m going to blithely abuse this entry to ask a question. Apologies if it would be better placed elsewhere.

    How are people handling Clipmarks Clip-to-Blog markup in their (RSS, ATOM) feeds? Rendering a clip to not look like crap _seems_ to require the use of CSS, and putting CSS in feeds seems prone to breakage. Currently I’ve got Clipmarks not adding styles, and then I’ve got a WordPress plug-in that applies inline styles (i.e., style attributes) to the clip’s tags. However, some aggregators are bound to strip out style attributes as well [1], such as the Universal Feed Parser [2], which powers all of those “Planet Whatever” sites [3].

    If I might also make a suggestion for improving Clipmarks, it seems to me that this issue might go away if Clip-to-Blog used more appopriate tags, such as cite and blockquote, instead of just tables? Then at least the reader could have some idea of how the clip should look.

    Thank you kindly for Clipmarks. As far as I can tell it’s the best solution out there for quickly publishing interesting things from the web to your blog.


  7. Iā€™m going too, to abuse this entry to ask you for an improument. Apologies from me too if it would be better placed elsewhere.

    My Blog have a Black background and even when i change the style in te clip-to-blog options still the “clipped from” mantain the white background .
    would you be able to change the background of this part of the code adapt accordingly?

  8. i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

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