Clipmarks 3.0 – Introducing ClipCast

One of the greatest users of Clipmarks stated on his blog, “The 21st century marks the beginning of the ‘new information age’, at which, nothing will be hidden under the sun. If in this new era the entire world is about to witness a dramatic change on how the information is created and shared, the pioneers of this revolution should be emerging all over the world right now.” Well, the pioneers of this revolution are all of us…we the people who use the web. We are on it 24 hours a day; searching, finding, uncovering, discovering, teaching, sharing, learning.

At Clipmarks, our mission is to help empower people to make greater use of the information they discover on the web. Specifically, we want to make that information more portable and easier to consume. With that in mind, we went back to the drawing board in January, 2007, aiming to create a solution that better accomplished our goals. Eleven-and-a-half months later, we are now lifting the curtain on a new version of Clipmarks. Version 3.0 – centered around our new ClipCast technology – is all about opening up the Clipmarks experience to people wherever they go on the web.

Specifically, Clipmarks 3.0 enables users of Facebook, MySpace and any other web site to easily and instantly share anything they clip from the web directly with their friends on any other web site. In effect, everyone one of us becomes a hunter for cool, interesting information that our friends should see. With Clipmarks, any piece of information found on the web is now literally a click away from being shared with friends on any other web site.

We hope that by making information more portable and easier to consume, all people will be able to gain a bit of knowledge about a wider variety of topics than ever before. In the spirit of Invictus’ quote above, it is truly the responsibility of each and every one of us to discover and share the world’s information. We hope that Clipmarks 3.0 is a step towards making that more possible.

— eric


One response to “Clipmarks 3.0 – Introducing ClipCast

  1. Why is ClipCast not placed on the ClipMarks blog?

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