An update to our users regarding ClipCast

In response to feedback we have received from many of you, I just want to reiterate that we did not create the ClipCast to compete with our traditional web site (what we are now calling “classic view”). The reason we developed the ClipCast is so that you could effectively take clipmarks with you when you go somewhere else – anywhere else – on the web. There are two main reasons to use a ClipCast. First, if you want to have your friends elsewhere see your clips, put a ClipCast of your clips on facebook, MySpace, your blog, or any other site. Second, if you want to be able to follow clips from all clippers or your favorite clippers, put a ClipCast of any feed on sites like iGoogle and Netvibes.

There was literally no way in the world we could build ALL the functionality and ease of our entire site into the ClipCast. But quite honestly, I think the team did an incredible job coming close. I’m not saying this to be defensive, just saying it because I think to compare the functionality of an entire web site to that of a Flash application is unrealistic. The bottom line is that I hope you won’t look at the ClipCast and Classic View with an eye to compare them to each other. Rather, I hope you will look at them as serving two entirely different purposes. You can obviously use one or both of them, depending on your needs.

I am very excited about how the ClipCast empowers our users to easily spread their knowledge and ideas beyond the borders of I think in time it will allow all of us to have greater influence and impact on the proliferation of information around the web without having any negative impact on the quality of the experience on

— eric


3 responses to “An update to our users regarding ClipCast

  1. I’m getting consistant server errors when I try to go to clipcasts – and now almost any other link. A few tweaks needed as of yet…

  2. I’ve been monkeying with the customization feature on my ClipCast and am quite pleased with my results. Silly, I know, but there you go.

    Also, I am pleased with the look of my ClipCast on my blogspot blog, which is, and the ease with which it was embedded. It really helped to have the option of configuring it to fit in the blog sidebar. Thanks for that!

  3. Thank you Eric, for bring me conclusive explanation about clipcast and

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