List mode and “clip widgets”

Last night we uploaded some changes to the ClipCast to make it faster, and to add a bit of new functionality. You’ll notice that ClipCasts now default to list mode, allowing you to get an overview of what’s inside before you have to page through each clip.

If you prefer to keep using clip mode, you’ll now find options for switching the default in the settings of our iGoogle and Netvibes widgets, and also on .

We’ve also changed the name of the ClipCast to simply be the “Clipmarks Clip Widget”. While we liked the name ClipCast, it was confusing to new users, and the word “widget” is becoming widely understood as a small application that you can take and embed elsewhere to display information. At the core, that’s exactly what our Clip Widget does, so we’ve changed the name to match.

Along with the name change, stay tuned to this blog for more updates as we roll out changes to the site over the coming weeks!


One response to “List mode and “clip widgets”

  1. Sadly, the now becoming common use of widget is confusing when one is used to looking for widgets for use with Mac OS X. I think that a configurable Mac OS X widget would be a great thing, too.

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