Giving Video Center Stage

We’re now featuring video clips along with clips of text and images in all feeds on Though we’ve supported clipping video for a while now, we’ve never given them equal treatment on the site. This change will make the site’s navigation a bit simpler and increase the overall speed of the site. But the main reason we made the change is because we just don’t see a good reason to keep videos separate. Since the web is largely a blend of text, images and video, and since we support clipping of text, images and video, we feel compelled to at least try to let them live together on as well. We’re definitely interested to see how this change affects the experience on the site.

More updates soon.


One response to “Giving Video Center Stage

  1. One more thing. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to change my picture. Even though the new picture is displayed on my profile page, my avatar remains the same. No urgency, but when you get a moment could you check it out, please – and thank you.

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