A few important updates to Clipmarks.com

A few important updates to Clipmarks were introduced today. In no particular order, some of the headline changes are:

  1. Key improvements to our mobile site at m.clipmarks.com. Due to the inherent nature of the clipmarks experience to allow for rapid fire consumption of small – but potent – bits of information, Clipmarks.com is ideally suited for viewing on mobile devices (especially iPhones). Eric G says there’s no better use of your iPhone when you’re on a bus or train or, even better, in the bathroom 🙂

    Specific enhancements include:

    • Improved popping functionality (logged in users at m.clipmarks.com can pop and comment on all clips).
    • There are now “next 20” links on all sets of clip results so you consume clips to your heart’s content.
    • For logged in users, the “remember me” feature now works better.
    • Some nice improvements to the way clips are displayed.
  2. On the main clipmarks.com site and on m.clipmarks.com, you can now use your email address to log in. We made this change to give anyone who forgets their Clipmarks username another way to log in.
  3. On clipmarks.com, you’ll see new Share and Pop interfaces below each open clip. In addition to the design changes, the new share interface makes it very easy to post any clip to sites such as Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc., as well as to your blog or to a friend via email.
  4. The windows for saving, blogging and emailing clips have been redesigned a bit to (hopefully) make the experience a bit simpler and more pleasing on the brain and the eyes. Hope you like! Also, new users can sign up for a Clipmarks account directly from inside any of these windows, so the getting started process should be more fluid.
  5. When saving a clip, we have removed the “My Network” saving option. This was intended to allow users to make clips public on their own pages, but keep them off the main clipmarks site. Though there is definitely some clear value in being able to do this, we consistently found that the confusion it caused people was too significant to justify the utility. We are going to consider alternative ways to offer this type of capability (perhaps on an account and/or folder basis), but until we work out a better solution, we have decided to simplify the process by removing it.

There are a number of other changes on the site, but these are the big ones. We hope you enjoy!


The Clipmarks Team (eric, eric, eric and derek)


4 responses to “A few important updates to Clipmarks.com

  1. The “My Widget” link from the toolbar icon no longer works.

    And, I now can’t seem to find how to access my clipcast.

  2. In Firefox 3 RC 1 I can only clip with the orange boxes and then only very awkwardly. What happened?


  3. Fast T Friend

    I lately find that in many clips I would like to know in advance the source from which it is clipped. Such feature can become really efficient when one’s time is short – help decide which clips to view.

  4. I can tell you, it sucks to be without clipmarks at any given time.

    It would have been a relief if you had a post here at your blog with a date of June. I see the one from May, not good.

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