An update from Clipmarks: Guides, Invitations, Twitter, FriendFeed and more…

Over the past month or so we’ve been working on a number of things that went live yesterday. Some of the more noteworthy changes are as follows…

  1. The first new thing you’ll notice is that we no longer refer to “All Clippers” and “My Clippers” in the header or anywhere else on the site. Instead, we decided to change All Clippers to Everyone and My Clippers to Guides. There were two basic reasons for this. First, we began to feel that “Clippers” sounds more like a ‘what’ than a ‘who’ (ex: Please pass me the clippers. Or, has anyone seen my clippers?). Just not personal enough. Second, we really wanted to think of a word that gives greater meaning and credit to people who gain followers on the site. We talked about what it means to follow another person’s clips and we concluded (after a few trips to that what you’re doing is making that person a guide (def: Something or someone that shows the way) for you on the web. What they find on the web that interests them enough to clip, you will easily see – that seems like a web guide. Hope you like the new terminology!
  2. In the spirit of enabling you to easily become Guides for your friends and other people you know, we introduced an invite form (see the invite link on the right side of your page) that lets you invite friends to join Clipmarks and automatically makes you a Guide for those who accept (this is made very clear to recipients of the invitation). You also have the option when sending the invite of automatically adding people who accept to your list of Guides. Our goal with this invitation is to make it much easier for people who know each other to find and follow each other’s Clipmarks. For those of you who wish to use this, I urge you to visit your profile and add your real name and a real photo of yourself so that your friends who get the invitation will recognize you.
  3. We have added Twitter and FriendFeed to the “Share Window” and the window that opens after you save a clip; making it easy to post anything you clip or any clip you find on the site directly to either of these sites. We have also contacted FriendFeed about adding Clipmarks to their list of supported sites. Hopefully they’ll do that soon. Lastly, we created a page that has tips and suggestions about how to automatically post your clips to many other places on the web (ex: Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, your blog and much more). You can see it here:
  4. When you’re logged in to, you’ll see that there is now a drop-down arrow next to your username in the right side of the header. You can use this to quickly access your clips, pops, comments, profile page, widget or settings from anywhere on the site.

Lastly, though it’s not ready yet, we have a new, much improved version of our clip button for Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer coming soon. We hope to have it ready within a week. We’ll keep you posted about that real soon.

Hope you enjoy!


One response to “An update from Clipmarks: Guides, Invitations, Twitter, FriendFeed and more…

  1. hey, how ’bout putting WordPress’s search widget on this blog so we could search for topics in posts? Or a category list?

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