Shaking things up on

For the past couple of years we have tried very hard to create a web site where people’s interests, curiosities and expertise could blend together to create a harmony of content that showcased the great diversity of mankind. We have tried to think outside the box, enabling anyone to post clips, pop clips or comment on clips. Rather than try to create some kind of algorithm that churned out a master list on our home page (like sites such as digg, reddit and many others do), we took a leap of faith and allowed our home page to be determined by the latest pops of each and every user. Miraculously and splendidly, this often produced a high quality ever-changing stream of content that we believe educated and entertained people, opened minds to new ideas, and made connections with information and people that otherwise may never have happened. For this we have been very proud.

Unfortunately, we have recently become increasingly concerned that the site has become overly antagonistic and inappropriately controlled by a disproportionately loud group of users. In all honesty, we no longer feel that the processes of our site are producing a unique, high quality blend of content. Instead, the magical blending of diverse topics on the Clipmarks home page has seemed to dissolve into a battleground for extremely hostile politically oriented users who are overwhelming the rest of the site. Because of this we are working on making some fundamental changes to the way the Clipmarks site works. We will do our best to make changes that improve the site and will continue to iterate until we are comfortable that it is just right.

Whenever we have intervened in matters on the site, we have often been accused of censorship; specifically in ways that people believe further our personal views. To those people, let me say that you couldn’t be more wrong. We have always been grateful for those users and clips that caused us to rethink some of our ways, see things from different perspectives, learn something new or most importantly, realize that we were wrong. I think it’s obvious to anyone who understands the way works that if we wanted a web site that solely reflected our views and opinions, we never would have created in the manner we did. Second, our decision to substantially alter the way the home page content is determined is something that everyone who works at clipmarks unanimously and passionately supports…and that includes people on both sides of the political aisle.

The changes we’re working on will hopefully be introduced very soon. We just wanted to give you advance notice of these changes and the reasons behind them.


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