Clipmarks is very proud to be on Mozilla’s list of recommended add-ons for Firefox

Clipmarks has been included in PC Magazine’s Top 10 Future Classic Web Sites along with YouTube, MySpace, digg, delicious, Facebook and others!

“The NY-based team at Clipmarks just launched 2.0 of their product, a unique web clipping system that allows you to take just the paragraphs, sentences, or multimedia you want from a page while maintaining a link to the original document.”
Clipmarks: A Highlighter for the Web

“Clip, save, share and organize just about anything on a web page, including video, with Clipmarks 2.0. The new version of this insanely useful browser plug-in adds several features, most notably the option to clip videos from Google, Metacafe, YouTube and other sites. You can post clips directly to your blog or send clips via e-mail, all without saving them first.”
Download of the Day: Clipmarks 2.0

“One of the cool things I’ve seen lately is ClipMarks. You know how lets you bookmark a page? Or email it around? Well, ClipMarks does something similar, but you can point to just a paragraph on my blog, or an entry, or a photo, or anything, really.”
Watch EricG’s interview on the Scoble Show

“Ever wish you could "clip" a piece of a Web page the way you’d tear an article from a magazine? Clipmarks lets you do exactly that, then tag, store, organize, and share your clips.”
The Best Web 2.0 Sites

“To me it’s the best platform around for sharing things you’ve found on the Web. I confess that a year ago I really looked at the site initially for the free clipping tool and storage, but soon found myself seduced, amazed, and captivated with what everyone else was clipping.”
Clipmarks 2.0: Save and Share Your Favorite Bits of the Web

“Clipmarks, a site for both personal and social clipping of text and photos found on web sites, is adding video support today. Why is this interesting? Basically, the company is taking the work out of saving and sharing video.”
Clipmarks Adds Video Saving and Sharing

“It’s very easy to use. Clipmarks also makes it easy to e-mail a clipping to a friend, or to blog a passage–or several–from a page. All Clipmarks passages are linked to their online sources, which is an improvement from simply copying and pasting text into an e-mail or blog.”
Clipmarks: Tiny nibbles of Web content

“What’s nice about Clipmarks is that you can clip as much as you want, or as little as you want, from a word or two, all the way to an entire paragraph. You can even clip videos! One of their features even allows you to post your clips right to a blog, or to share with others via email.”
Use Clipmarks To Clip your Favorite Parts of the Web

“We noticed the web clipping service just released a major new 2.0 upgrade… There are three major new clipping features that should be a big boost to an already slick clipping service.”
Clipmarks 2.0 introduces Clip-to-Blog, video clipping features

“You may be interested in a new service called Clipmarks 2.0… The add-on will get you out of the “copy and paste” Hell many users experience when trying to copy and send information to other sources.”
Clipmarks 2.0 released

“Overall, I enjoy using Clipmarks. It’s fun and very helpful, especially when participating in the Clipmarks community.”
Clipping the Web with Clipmarks

Dispatches from the blogosphere…

“Over the weekend, I stumbled across a site that, as an information-junkie like me, is almost addicting!

It’s a incredibly ingenious way for Web users to share some of their best online discoveries – in a neat, bite-sized way.

The Web is truly amazing, and this is one of those sites that emphasize this fact.”
Derek Franklin’s Digital Labaratory

“Well if you haven’t tried it yet and if you enjoy gathering together little snippets of information from the internet and in particular if you like sharing these great finds with others then you might want to explore it further! The system works so-o-o-o-o-o intuitively I was already clipping and doing things within a few moments after setting up the account!”
Have you tried Clipmarks yet?

“I found out about Clipmarks, which is like Reader’s Digest for the early 21st century, but more hyperkinetic, even more digested, and dare I say even funnier? I haven’t signed up for an account yet but it’s great for grabbing news-and-not-news on the go. The whole premise behind it is saturating you with infonuggets and saving your time.”
Clipmarks – news + on the run, fast and fun

“Last night, I noticed that it has been almost one year since I joined Clipmarks. I browsed my clip collections again with a smile on my face: Each clip (kept with the comments posted by the other clippers) made me remember a specific day, some hot discussions, nice chats, things I learned from others and the sleepless nights I spent using Clipmarks.”
One year has already passed? Thanks, Clipmarks…

“In the same way that you’d cut out a newspaper or magazine article to keep or show others, Clipmarks empowers you to find information online, “clip” it (select and save specific parts or all of the text or images as they appear on a webpage), archive, share, discuss with an international community, all in real time.”
Information is addictive and enablers abound

“This is a good example of a web 2.0 service – which is not about Ajax or Lazlo – but about empowering people to do what they like.”
Clipmarks – Social Media Platform 100% user empowered

“I like the interface, which is fast moving and clear. I also enjoy that you can read clips by their newness, number of pops (which are like Diggs), or by general category. Very cool!”
Sites and Soundbytes: Clipmarks

“I would say that if you ever get on the Web – you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t at least try Clipmarks. It’s something that literally anyone can benefit from and as an IT professional who’s had his share of dealing with all kinds of software – I would recommend it wholeheartedly and very highly!”
Clipmarks – Phenomenal Free Service

“…people ARE reaching out and making connections and building things collaboratively with strangers and without financial compensation.”
My Clipmarks Community Comes Through


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