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Changes at Clipmarks…

So, last week we went live with Clipmarks 3.0; a HUGE set of new features, functionality and user interface changes. This was definitely the most challenging time we ever experienced, as it literally felt like there were a million pieces to the assemble. Overall, I feel really good about how everything went. That said, there were a few things I wish we handled better. Tonight, we’re introducing the first in a series of updates aimed at improving upon the initial release of V3.0. These are based in large part on amazing feedback we received from our users. So, here are some of the big changes:

  1. The home page is back to the Classic View. We had tried to change it to a page that was more focused on getting our messaging across, but at the end of the day, we just missed the old home page too much to live without it…it’s back!! 🙂
  2. We have redesigned the style and navigation of the site header. There’s no doubt the header was confusing so we gave it another shot. I think this one is much more effective.
  3. When a clipper adds remarks to their clip, the remarks are now shown at the bottom of the clipped content inside the ClipCast. This one is awesome!!
  4. On Facebook, we made a number of design changes to our app, including showing you which one of your friends popped a clip when you’re looking at the Pops by My Friends ClipCast.
  5. We’re currently having a problem displaying video in ClipCasts, so for now, we have added a link that will take you to the video.
  6. We worked out a ton of other issues that are each too small to get into here, but that together make Clipmarks a much steadier ship.

Thank you to everyone for giving us your feedback and caring so much about Clipmarks. We’ve got a lot more coming…

Clip on!


Clipmarks 3.0 – Introducing ClipCast

One of the greatest users of Clipmarks stated on his blog, “The 21st century marks the beginning of the ‘new information age’, at which, nothing will be hidden under the sun. If in this new era the entire world is about to witness a dramatic change on how the information is created and shared, the pioneers of this revolution should be emerging all over the world right now.” Well, the pioneers of this revolution are all of us…we the people who use the web. We are on it 24 hours a day; searching, finding, uncovering, discovering, teaching, sharing, learning.

At Clipmarks, our mission is to help empower people to make greater use of the information they discover on the web. Specifically, we want to make that information more portable and easier to consume. With that in mind, we went back to the drawing board in January, 2007, aiming to create a solution that better accomplished our goals. Eleven-and-a-half months later, we are now lifting the curtain on a new version of Clipmarks. Version 3.0 – centered around our new ClipCast technology – is all about opening up the Clipmarks experience to people wherever they go on the web.

Specifically, Clipmarks 3.0 enables users of Facebook, MySpace and any other web site to easily and instantly share anything they clip from the web directly with their friends on any other web site. In effect, everyone one of us becomes a hunter for cool, interesting information that our friends should see. With Clipmarks, any piece of information found on the web is now literally a click away from being shared with friends on any other web site.

We hope that by making information more portable and easier to consume, all people will be able to gain a bit of knowledge about a wider variety of topics than ever before. In the spirit of Invictus’ quote above, it is truly the responsibility of each and every one of us to discover and share the world’s information. We hope that Clipmarks 3.0 is a step towards making that more possible.

— eric

Introducing Clipmarks 2.0

Clipmarks 2.0 is officially live. The past 18 months has been an incredible experience. Thanks to all of you who helped us get to this point by making Clipmarks a part of your lives.

There are two big things to tell you about. The first is you can now clip videos from YouTube and other video sites. The second is you can now instantly post clips to your blog. We’re calling it Clip-to-Blog and it makes blogging what you find on the web so easy that EricG is even thinking of bringing his blog out of retirement. You can also blog any clip you find on the Clipmarks site.

As well as being able to clip videos and Clip-to-Blog, we’ve enhanced the Clipmarks browser add-on even further. First, you can now highlight and clip multiple sentences, making it easier to capture the exact pieces of the page you want. You can also blog and email what you clip without saving it first.

We worked hard to make the whole clipping experience more intuitive as a whole. To start, we turned what was a four button extension into one button that fits nicely in your browser. You also get a nice thin top bar when you go into clip mode that lets you choose whether you want to save, blog, email or print what you clip, lets you turn the orange lines on and off, and counts how many characters you have clipped so you can see whether or not you’re within the publishing limit.

Which brings us to another new thing. With this new release, to save a clip publicly on the Clipmarks site or post it to a blog, it must be under 1,000 characters. We spent a long time discussing the best way to set this limit and came to this decision in keeping with the core idea of Clipmarks being about capturing just the best parts of pages. We know some of you have been uncomfortable with this idea and we hope you will understand that we are doing this because we truly believe it is best for the future of Clipmarks. There is no limit if you want to save clips privately.

The site has also been redesigned. We hope you like the new look and navigation options. When you’re logged in, one thing you’ll notice is your very own Clipmarks keypad on the top right of the page. It gives you quick access to your clipmarks, the clipmarks you pop and comment on, as well as your favorite clippers and topics.

So there you have it. We’re really excited about this one and hope you are too. To get clipping with the new features, install the new Firefox add-on (the Internet Explorer version is coming very soon). To learn more, watch the demo or see the How-to-Clip page.

Hope you enjoy the Clipmarks 2.0 experience.

Clipmarks End of Year Update

Before 2006 ended, we desperately wanted to get a major upload done that elevated the Clipmarks experience to a much higher level. I’m excited and proud to say that I think we accomplished this. Rather than outlining what’s new, I just want to thank everyone who has shared this experience with us over the past year. I couldn’t dream of a more collaborative, meaningful interaction amongst people in search of a better online experience. You have been patient with us whenever we went in the wrong direction…persistent in your support and encouragement of what we’re trying to create…and you have constantly made us feel like we are making a positive, meaningful impact on the web. There is no greater reward than that!

I hope you all love some of the new aspects of our web site as much as we do! Much more on the way soon. Happy holidays and a wonderful, peaceful new year to everyone!!